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Portfolio Start project

WEB site and software development

PamFax is a desktop application for sending a fax over the Internet.100 file formats.

Desktop application for sending and receiving faxes online.

Developed on the multi-platform Chromiun Embedded Framework core.

Creating a product from scratch - with full further maintenance.

Adaptive and cross-platform layout and programming of the internal parts of the site.

Full support including performance monitoring, defect correction, and search engine optimization.

Mobile application for sending a fax over the Internet.

For Android, iOS and WindowsPhone, implemented on the optimized Xamarin core.

All interaction with the system occurs through its own API.

Individual diet and workout plan based on your performance.

By order of a professional nutritionist from Estonia - a cloud service that helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Website development

Technical sites development
  • consideration of the specifics of the target audience
  • солидный дизайн и логическая структура
  • general technical support

Website development for the company
  • use the latest current version of CMS
  • original web design
  • general technical support

Landing page development
  • modern design aimed at the target audience
  • use of the working model "CALL-TO-ACTION"
  • fully adaptive mobile version and cross-browser layout

Online store development
  • use special CMS
  • possibility to choose a template
  • technical support and maintenance

Redesign and upgrade

If you have:
no software adaptation

not adapted software
to work in a new environment

Legacy source code

outdated information system with high support costs

problem architecture

the presence of critical architectural flawsв

low productivity

insufficient performance of the existing system

incorrect display

problem adaptation of content for different devices

outdated interface

sophisticated user interface

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